3 Ways To Quickly Reduce Your Moving Costs

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Let’s face it – moving is definitely something that every homeowner wants to skip – and a process that may be lengthy and costly. And even though most
homeowners think that hiring a moving company in Minnesota will rip their pockets off – sometimes, the only thing that is piling up their costs is doing an
inefficient job by themselves.

Basically, there are three types of moving services that you should be aware of, including:

hourly rate movers
flat rate movers and

Below, we are listing all the pros and cons of each of them.

Hourly Rate Movers

Generally speaking, hourly rate movers in Minnesota are the most expensive route to move. However, there is a reason for this – and it is because of the licenses
an hourly rate mover needs to have in order to operate in a specific area. Along with the costs of insurance, equipment and employees, this is what makes this
service costly – yet efficient if you want a quick moving process.

Flat Rate Movers

The difference between a flat rate moving company in Minnesota and an hourly rate mover is obviously in the price.
While flat rate movers charge a one-time fee, the others require payments on hourly basis for moving your stuff from point A to point B.

That is why flat rate movers are usually considered as the better choice in today’s society – and are frequently hired by homeowners that are not able to sort their
things by themselves. Speaking of which…


Obviously, going DIY with your moving and storage is the cheapest way and one that requires minimal costs. However, you still need to consider renting a truck
or container and find people to help with your moving project. If those people want to charge you something for their service, the bottom line is that you are
really paying the same price as when you are choosing a flat rate mover in Minnesota – whether you pay a company or a bunch of laborers.

Therefore, we can conclude that although the least expensive, the DIY way actually requires effort by your side and proper organization. And when you run
through the costs of each of these services, you will find that flat rate movers are a great choice for handling all things in a neat manner.

So, have you found your flat rate mover in Minnesota yet?