Benefits Of Retractable Fly Screens

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Most areas in Australia are notorious for the abundance of flies, a fact that is all too clear around this time of the year.

Screens have become a popular solution for homeowners desperate to keep flies out of their space. In summer Australia becomes inundated with flies, of every variety and it seems the only way to keep them out of your home is by keeping your doors and windows tightly shut.

Instead of being like a prisoner in your home, why not have screens installed on your windows and doors?

What you need to know about flies:

  • They are fast, travelling at 300 lengths of their own bodies in a second.
  • In addition to the common bush fly, house fly and blowfly, there are many more thousands of species, 28,000 of which reside in Australia.
  • Flies are breeders – they breed fast and in any type of environment.
  • Flies aren’t all disease-carrying, but all carry germs and bacteria.
  • Flies present less of a threat than mosquitoes.
  • They are important to the ecosystem because they are food to animals and also help decompose organic matter.

Yes flies aren’t as dangerous to your health as other insects may be such as mosquitoes, but they can be an extreme irritant. Flies are either hovering around your nose, eyes or mouth or sitting on open food.

The best way you’ll find to keep these pests out of your home is by having openings fitted with fly screens.

Here's where to find retractable fly screens for Brisbane homes

Brisbane home owners can benefit from the experience and professionalism provided by Freedom Screens installers. Not only is the service the best, but so is the product.

Whether you’re screening French doors, panoramic folding doors, sliding doors of any size, we have a customised solution to suit your needs.

You’ll love our stylish, slim designs which instead of attracting attention for their size and imposition, discreetly fold away when not in use, with the sleek design meshing well with every home’s aesthetic.

Having a good quality screen fitted will save you money because not only can you reduce your air-conditioning/ electricity bill, but it will last you long, whereas a cheap imitation will be damaged and broken in a short space of time and will thereafter require replacement. If you have a large opening, we have screening options that are seamless with one screen available to fit the entire opening – no joints or pillars needed.

Recent models have been made durable and easy to use, with children and even wheel-chair bound users being able to easily open and close. Whatever your style and requirements, there is an option available from Freedom Screens.