Contacting Fire Damage Companies

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A fire can be a devastating accident that can cause a lot of damage. Residential fires tend to be more traumatic because losing personal belongings and sentimental value are invested in homes and residences. It is important to consult fire damage companies as soon as possible in order to minimize further damage and ensure that the residence will be safe for entry and inspection. The safety and health of the home owners is a priority as well as the safety and health of the inspectors who will come to assess the damage. Some companies are a combination of fire and water damage contractors because most of the time, fires are put out by water. So apart from the damage from the fire, it is very likely that there will also be damage from the water used to put out the fire. Even residue from fire extinguishers might have an impact on the structure and surface of the house or business. In Texas, there are several companies that can be trusted to give a fair and accurate assessment regarding clean up and repair.


Emergency needs are among the very first tjhings that victims of a fire want from companies that deal with damage from either fire or water. Representatives of the company will be on the spot as soon as posisble in order to inspect the damage and make an assessment regarding what needs to be repaired or replaced. In most instances, the cost will be given to the client in the next couple of days.

Boarding up and tarp services can also be given to those who need this. Boarding up is sometimes necessary to limit access to the domicile for the safety of the general public and to ensure that looting or thievery will be minimized. Tarping can also help to keep out the elements if the area is prone to rain or snow. Rain and snow can add further damage to the property if the house is left unprotected.

Water extraction and drying is another important aspect of the services offered by fire damage companies. If the fire department has helped put out the fire, water damage is likely high. If water is left for a few days, it can make things worse and there could be a posisbility of mold growing in and around the house. Mold removal might eventually be needed if the water damage is extensive and has worked its way under floorboards and drywall. In Houston, where the weather is dry and warm, peoprer water extraction should still be performed to ensure that the risk of mold growth is kept to a minimum.

Despite being drenched by water to put out the fire, the house might have some smoke and soot residue left behind. These should be cleaned up because some people are sensitive to the intense smell of smoke and soot. Clean up should be done as soon as possible so that repair can be started on the building.

Clean up and repair cost will vary depending on the extent of damage by the fire and the water. Even some areas which were not affected by the fire might have been exposed to smoke which is likely to leave soot and smell. Surfaces that have smoke residue and soot should be cleaned as soon as possible.Restoration can start as soon as everything is cleaned up and cleared up. Experts will recommend whether some areas can be repaired or may need to be rehabilitated.

Getting in touch with fire damage companies should be a priority right after a fire. These professionals will know what to do and have protocoll to follow when they are hired to ensure that the homeowner’s property is kept safe. Get more information: Mold Removal Doctor