Detecting Asbestos In Homes Or Businesses

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You could have asbestos in your personal home or business that you didn’t realize was there. It is common to find asbestos in homes that are older, and often is difficult to find. In home that are a bit older, there could be asbestos that is hiding somewhere. If the materials do not show any torn or worn areas, then it is possible you have nothing to worry about. If any of these materials such as the siding, are broken, chipped or worn there is the possibility that there is toxic particles in your home and you may want to look into asbestos siding removal.

Just by looking at a material it is not possible to determine if it has asbestos in it or not. If the material is really old, it could be a good indication of asbestos but not definite. Homes that were built prior to early 1980’s generally have asbestos of some kind. The use of asbestos containing materials was not prohibited until mid ’80s. To be sure you don’t have asbestos it is best to have it tested. Going the route of having an asbestos testing company is one way, or there is an alternative of purchasing a kit for DIY.

Taking the do it yourself route comes with certain precautions and risks. Keep the area wet as you remove a small piece, and be sure to have gloves on, and a face mask.This is typically a task for experts in the asbestos removal field Handling toxic substances is not a great idea for the typical homeowner. Loose particles can become airborne with very little disturbance, which could affect the health of your home. Better to be safe, even if the area is small.

Asbestos in Your Buildings Has Been Found

The choices are find a removal expert or do it yourself. Purchasing or renting a HEPA air machine to get rid of dust particles will be one piece of equipment you will need to do it yourself. Foot covering, masks, and clothing that are disposable will be some other items needed, access to a water source should be available. The asbestos must be kept saturated at all times.

Hiring an company that removes asbestos provides the safest environment and they have the experience. They are trained and certified in safe removal procedures. Book an appointment to have a expert come to your home and access the situation. Procedures will be followed for the safe removal of asbestos with the least amount of worry for you. When the process is finished, the last step will be a test for air quality to determine the building is free from toxic dust. In summary, removing asbestos is not for everyone.