Feel Secure In Your New Home With Shutters Keeping Your Private, Private!

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Setting up privacy in your home without boarding up the windows with planks can be tough. If you get
heavy material curtains, you will block out all the light coming into your room. If you use the sheer
material, you will have plenty of light but none of the privacy you so badly wanted.

To have the best of both worlds use shutters. Screens are flexible and can be used to work out the
problem of privacy. You can use shutters in their different forms. Whether you want them as bi-folds or
with the top half down, they will prove a great option for privacy on your windows.

The best part you can use exterior shutters when you want to be outside but not have everyone staring
at you.

Shutters can be attached to the top of your patio ceiling and create a type of wall or screen to keep the
nosy neighbors from watching your every move. You can fold in the shutter doors to make it more open
or close them for the opposite effect.

Here are a few ways you can use shutters for privacy.

1. Create a shutter fence.
If you have other shutters that are either old or leftover from a previous project you can put them to
good use. Connect the shutters by hammering them to a fence for more privacy. There will still be plenty of light left over.

2. Use them on your windows.
You can use the various forms of shutters to improve and add value to your home. The shutters are ideal
for lighting and controlling the amount into your room. They also work well to provide privacy especially
on those windows that face the street.

3. Patio doors.
Yes, you can use large shutters as patio doors for privacy without giving up your light. Place a screen as
your patio door to make it look even classier. The shutter will provide better privacy than a display door.
You can install it as a sliding door for more effect. It also looks a whole lot better than a regular screen.

4. Bathroom Shutters.
These bathroom shutters are some of the best shutters. They provide at most privacy while still leaving
your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. This freshness is due to all the ventilation provide the space in
the louvers. Bathrooms need to have fresh air to avoid growth of mold due to wet, unaired

5. Cabana Shutters.
You can enjoy a drink on a breezy afternoon on your cabana without feeling like everyone is staring at
you. Place the shutters on either one side of the cabana or all round for privacy. It also adds character to
any of your outdoor settings.

You can use shutters anywhere in your home to create a sense of privacy. The whole world need not see
every inch of your home. This need for security should match the other requirements of the home like
proper lighting and ventilation. We think these shutters do just that.

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