Industrial Flooring: Epoxy Flooring Installation For Industrial Buildings

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Want to learn more about epoxy flooring in Houston, TX and how it can help your business as one of the most widely known types of industrial flooring?

First of all, it is safe to say that epoxy floor coatings play a vital role in industrial applications. They are commonly used in industrial buildings of all sizes and
ones that include manufacturing facilities, warehouses as well as processing plants. They are a durable, hard wearing and chemically resistant choice – but also
a non-porous and easy to clean alternative that can be installed directly over new or old concrete industrial flooring types.

Epoxy floor coatings have been there for many decades. They are quick to install, cost efficient and helping your business. Whether you own a manufacturing
facility or an industrial warehouse, they are also resistant to chemicals and known as the perfect flooring solution for a variety of industrial applications,

– Manufacturing facilities
– Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants
– Chemical processing plants
– Food and beverage manufacturing as well as packaging plants
– Industrial plants
– Laboratories
– Anti-static areas
– Electronics manufacturing, testing and repair facilities
– Distribution facilities
– Clean rooms
– Storage and shipping warehouses
– Water and wastewater treatment plants

The benefits of epoxy flooring in Houston, TX are endless for many business owners. As you probably know, industrial flooring
needs to be able to stand up to the test of chemicals, hard labor, heat and heavy traffic. The epoxy flooring comes as a perfect solution and the most
durable option that withstands nearly any abuse.

Basically, using epoxy industrial flooring for your business allows you to:

– Create a smooth and seamless surface that is nonporous and will not trap dirt, dust and other debris and is amazingly easy to clean and disinfect
– Define one or more work zones in your industrial facility, such as forklift traffic zones and machine safety zones – both improving safety in
manufacturing plants, warehouses and other industrial buildings
– Improve the safety in your industrial facility with its slip resistant properties and high gloss finish reflecting up to 300% more light making the area
safer and brighter
– Produce a durable and hard wearing surface that is heat and chemical resistant as well as pressure resistant
– Update any outdated or damaged flooring, as a brand new industrial flooring option that comes on top of your old or damaged flooring
– Protect your new concrete surfaces from chemical spills, high heat and damage from repeated and heavy traffic

Now, you definitely know how and why choosing epoxy flooring in Houston, TX can help you make most of your industrial facility!