The Evolution Of The Ant

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Ants are literally everywhere. With the one exception of Antarctica, ants as a species inhabit every corner of the world. When they inhabit homes they are viewed as pests. But, when they are enjoying their lives living in their colonies, they should be viewed with a degree of respect. Ants and the movement that they create in soils around the world are essential to keeping the environment intact. They help play a big role in keeping some animals capable of eating better in the food chain. They have been in existence for over 99 million years having evolved from wasp-like insects.Ants are still relatives of wasps and bees. It is believed that they evolved into the crawling insects that they are, although some queens have wings and fly, once flowering plants began flourishing on the planet. Visit this website to learn about these fascinating creatures.

While it is estimated that there are about 22,000 different species of ants, only 12,500 have been named and classified. They have continued to survive all these millions of years largely because of their ability to adapt to the habitats in which they live. Some ants that live in the United States originated in Argentina. They were accidentally brought to the US on freight ships hundreds of years ago. Even though they arrived in a new territory, they had no problem surviving. This is because of their intelligence and ability to problem solve. They also work together in colonies. These colonies are made up of class systems of ants. The queens lay eggs and are tended to by worker ants and soldier ants. Soldier ants have larger bodies than other ants in the colonies and keep predators at bay using their strength.

Because they are able to adapt and work to use all resources around them they have been able to evolve in all areas of the world. Sadly, when they infiltrate human homes they are not always appreciated. Although, most ants are an exceptional subject for studying and learning more about how humans have built their own societies with different class levels as well. They can do serious damage to structures and food supplies. There are some ants that can damage their surrounding environments. But as long as they do not interfere with the human ability to eat and live in a pest-free area they are relatively harmless and are, in fact, usually helpful to the overall environment wherever they continue to evolve.