Wood Flooring Facts

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It is fundamental to know that some wood is susceptible to raised carbon footprint depending on the shipping process. Flooring such as bamboo which has a high growth rate tends to have the same reaction when shipped from overseas.

Hardwood flooring adds significance as compared to a carpet by far. The longer the wood flooring, the more the value of the home appreciates. Wood flooring that has lasted a few years gives off a more natural look and finish due to being subjected to sunlight as compared to newly installed wood flooring.

Hard surface flooring started way back in the 19th century. Softwood flooring was preferred in the initial stages and the use of carpets. As time went on, hardwood surface became popular for homes and had been embraced since then.

Leaning hardwood floors is quite easy. One does not require any detergent, vacuuming or mopping as they can easily identify a spec on the floor. Hardwood floors only need sweeping once every other day. However clean up spills and stains as soon as possible just to avoid damaging the floors and maintain its original look.

Homes, now more than ever are embracing hard surface flooring. Wood and tile installation is now rampant as compared to any flooring for homes. Hardwood flooring is one of the most installed flooring trends in the industry.

There exist more variety of trees to choose from when it comes to flooring right now. The color range of wood flooring is also extensive to suit the diverse taste of different people.

The good thing about wood flooring is you can easily switch the look of the room by simply adding different area rugs to it.

Hardwood flooring can last for ages. The natural characteristic of wood allows it to last for long periods without much change in the appearance. You can always opt for refinishing if you see your hardwood floors staining or with scratches, giving it a new appearance and restoring its aesthetic value.

Hardwood flooring has most positive factors from ease to cleaning, durability, sense of value, natural look and trending right now. Nevertheless, this type of flooring is one of the most expensive but quite valuable. As a homeowner seeking to switch from carpeting to hardwood flooring or reinstalling the wood floors have readily flexible budget in hand. Your monetary expectations should range between 9$ to 12$ per square foot; the more exotic reclaimed wood can cost up to 30$ per square foot. As much as wood flooring is expensive, the quality it brings to the home is undeniable, and it is worth every penny. articles about flooring

Hard surface floor provides a hard underfoot. Walking on hardwood floors or tiles is not as soft as walking on a carpet. The hard underfoot is not comfortable especially when one is from waking up or sitting down for long hours.