3 Different Styles For Concrete Driveways

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Concrete is the most popular option to achieve a great driveway, and it is also one of the most used materials in the construction industry. Concrete driveways take many forms, from stamped, engraved to colored. It can also be inlaid with other materials like tiles and brick to bring a unique look. It h several advantages as it is easy to maintain and one of the cost-effective paving materials. Driveways made of concretes are also very durable and stand the harshest conditions like earthquakes. Here are 3 different styles to consider for your concrete driveways.

1 – Stamped Concrete

Having stamped concrete on your driveways gives you many decorating ideas you cannot achieve with other paving materials. When you combine stamps and coloring agents, you can recreate a replica of common materials like brick and cobblestone. It is a textured surface hence it is slip-resistant compared to other conventional concrete. They are not labor-intensive and durable, as they do not sift easily. Stamped concrete can be imprinted or texture concrete. When used in the driveway, it makes the home beautiful, adds value to your home, and enhances the look of the outdoor spaces? They are also easy to maintain, as it does not allow for grass to grow in between.

2 – Aggregate Concrete

Also known as exposed aggregate, this type of concrete driveways has stone or gravel chipping. The concrete mix is partially exposed to the surface. Aggregate concrete is one of the versatile concrete driveways as it allows you to add color and texture to your driveway. Coordinating the color of your aggregate driveway to your landscaping or house creates an eye-appealing design.
Exposed aggregate using pebbles, crushed stones or shells brings an aesthetic and natural look to your home. It is also an excellent slip-resistant and provides great traction to your vehicles during the rainy season.

3 – Colored Concrete

There is an expansive range of coloring options available if you decide to use colored concrete for your driveway. Colored concrete can easily change the look of your driveway from one boring color to an exciting one. You can easily combine various colors to create a great custom scheme.

The most common colored concrete for driveways is tan, shades of brown, and other earth tones. These colors easily compliment the exterior of most homes and blend in well with the landscape. Consider matching the color of the concrete to your house to give it a natural look and use light colors to reflect light. If you want to achieve an artistic look in your driveway, make use of multi-colored concrete.

When it comes to driveways, do not limit your creativity as this is one place that enhances the look of the whole compound. Concrete is one of the most cost-effective paving materials for your driveway. To achieve a more natural look like stones and pavers on your driveway, go for colored. concrete