5 Popular Styles Of Fencing For The Front Of Your House

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1 – Wrought Iron Fence

This specific type of fence is made from raw and pure iron. However, it is getting more and more hard to process wrought iron fences from raw iron (Premium quality material). Therefore, manufacturers are adding iron silicate to make the fences. Wrought iron are the most appealing, unique, custom, and elegant fences in the market. They are suitable for people living in a secure neighborhood because their bars are often low and too widely spaced. They are reliable and have a long life span. However, they take a long time to process and are a bit pricy.

2 – Colorbond Fence

Colorbond fence is a modern fence. It is made up of a material known as colorbond steel (a mixture of zinc and aluminum, Zincalume, which is then color coated). Colorbond steel can also be used to make gates, roofs, and panels. It is quick and easy to install even if you are inexperience; common hardware tools and a DIY video is all you need. It is corrosion resistant, fire proof, termite proof, easy to clean, and its opaque nature makes it good for privacy.

3 – Masonry Fence

This type of fence is a wall-like fence made of blocks, bricks or natural stone. Masonry fences are used a residential fence. They improve the curb appeal of your home. They have elegant, fashionable and classy designs and patterns. You can also use masonry fences as a rendering wall for your front and back yard. The height of the fence is dependent on your preferences as a home owner, the security of your neighborhood as well as the county or state laws in regard to fence limits. Masonry fences are non-combustible, easy to maintain and are also effective wind breakers.

4 – Picket Fence

It is a modern fairy tale feature that most middle class homes must have. This type of fence is aesthetically pleasing and symbolizes contentment and happily ever after. They are a great choice for the front of your house. They are easy to put up and replace, affordable, and you can repaint them anytime in a wide range of colours. However, picket fence will not last in wet and humid areas because they are subject to wood rot and mold.

5 – Vinyl Fence

This type of fence is synthetic plastic. It is a great alternative to wood or chain-link type fences. Theyre suitable for residential homes with playful kids and a farm animal. Vinyl fences are easy to install and maintain, are stronger and last longer than wood, more affordable than iron fences, are aesthetically pleasing, and have numerous designs, patterns and colors.