How To Pack A Kids Room For Moving

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Packing is hard altogether but packing your kids room can drive you nuts. Depending on your kids age, the amount of effort you need to allocate to packing their room will vary. You may need to pack their boxes for them entirely or may only need occasional assistance or supervise and check in. Young kids thrive on routine and consistency, so minimize the stress on your loved ones by packing up the rest of the house first.

Explain and involve your kids

The process of moving to a new home will be very stressful for children. It is hard for everyone but kids react differently.
You can make this less stressful for your children by to keeping them involved in the moving process, especially when it comes to packing their own room. Packing your kids room together with your children is the best way to approach that particular task. You will get extra pairs of helping hands and your kids will feel that they are doing something useful.

Kids grow out of things very fast and they loose interest in their once favorite stuff more quickly than that. Keep your kids close when you are decluttring. They can tell you what they need or not, like anymore or not. You can make a game out of it and encourage them to donate their things for kids who need it. Ask your kids to make three piles of things they need, things they want to donate and things that are not able to use anymore.

Packing Materials
After sorting out your kids room, you will have an idea of how many boxes and other packing materials you will need. Usually it includes:
-Cardboard Boxes
-Wardrobe boxes
-Mattress box
-Tubes for any unframed posters and prints
-Stickers for children to decorate their boxes with.
-Bubble wrap and packing paper
-Pens and markers
-A notepad or writing paper
-Packing and masking tape
-Plastic bags to pack crafting materials or any other liquids.


Kids get more involved when they are having fun. You want to speed up the process right? Make up a game. Put some labels and boxes. Now ask your kids to take out following things from the piles they made and put them into the boxes.
-School stuff

Then put on the labels. Whoever wins gets some treat or reward. You will see how quickly they will clean their room.

Essential box
It is safe to say your life and happiness depends on this step. You need to make an essential box for your kid. Ask them or if they are too young then put all their favorite things in it like blanket, toys, pajamas, storybooks, etc.This will help them to calm and have a sense of familiarity in new house right away . Remember keep this in your car and label it carefully, so that you do not have to go through millions of boxes.