Plumbing Tips To Get Ready For Summer

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Have a worry free summer with these tips for your plumbing. You do not want your summer season spoiled by plumbing disasters. If you could do a few simple things to prevent plumbing problems wouldnt you take the time to do them? Here are a few essential ways to prepare your homes plumbing for the summer months. They will each only take a few minutes to do, and they can save you money on emergency repairs.

One way to avoid problems is to schedule regular plumbing maintenance. A few months before summer arrives, contact your plumber to conduct a routine inspection of your homes plumbing. If anything needs to be fixed including shut-off valves, have them do the repairs so that you can start the season off right. Also check washing machine hoses. If the kids are going to be home for three months, you can bet that the washing machine will be going more often than usual. Inspect the hoses to be sure everything is intact. If it has been three years since the hoses were replaced, now is the time to replace them.

Be ever watchful about what goes down the disposal. Summer means cooking out more. That means more outdoor fun, but it also means that there is a potential for clogging the disposal or sink drains by forgetting a few simple tips. Never dispose of corn husks down the drain or disposal. It could cause them to clog. Before summer arrives, make sure everyone in the family understands this. Also, make certain that everyone understands that grease and things like watermelon rinds or eggshells should not go into the disposal either.

If you have a sprinkler system, go around the yard and look at it carefully. Look out for leaks or clogged sprinkler heads. You will want to do necessary repairs before using the system during the height of summer. If your sprinklers are in good shape, you may only need to clean them to make sure plenty of water reaches your lawn and other plants.

Before you leave to go on vacation, turn the temperature on your water heater down. This is a good way to save energy but it will also help you save on your water bills. In turn, you will save more money to put towards air conditioning use. You will also lengthen the useful life of your water heater by doing this. Also check sewer lines for cracks. If you live in an area that gets lots of summer thunderstorms, you can prevent sewer backups by checking to make sure there are no cracks beforehand. Another way to check for this is by looking to see if a flushed toilet causes the bathtub to backup. If you do spot any problems, contact your plumber to get things repaired right away.

Follow these tips before summer hits and your summer will be truly super with a minimized chance of plumbing problems occurring. If you are unsure of anything or want more tips on how to prepare your home for summer, contact your local plumber for more advice.