Reasons To Switch Your Exterior Lighting To Led

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LED lighting has become a prominent solution for property owners, and there are many reasons why this is the case. LED lighting has an excellent set of advantages that make it one of the best options to light up your outdoors. This lighting is so versatile it can even be installed under water in a pool and you can even control it via an app. Although initially expensive when it first appeared on the market, the vast array of wholesalers has now radically reduced the costs of purchasing bulbs and lighting fixtures. Extremely cool.

Here are some more of the benefits.

1) Reduced Energy Consumption

The main thing you are going to notice about L.E.D. lighting sources is reduced energy bills. You are going to be paying less because these lights don’t take up as much energy. In many cases they use up to 90% less energy than standard halogen or tungsten bulbs. They also can generate more power with less energy and they dont heat up, especially to the dangerous levels than halogen lights do. If you have low level lighting no children will get burnt on the bulbs. As this lighting source is so cheap you wont mind leaving it on for hours and even overnight if you have to.

2) Longer Lasting Bulbs

My house used to blow bulbs all the time. Then I got my entire house switched to L.E.D. via a company I found at I have my bulbs installed over 2 years and I have only ever had to change one in all that time, and that was an indoor bulb. Some L.E.D. bulbs can last for up to 10 000 hours. Standard bulbs are also more prone to blowing during power surges whilst L.E.D. are not.

3) Cool White Tone

Not many people are too enamoured with the yellow looking tungsten lights of old. Most L.E.D. lights can be dimmed and they also give out cool white daylight light. But if you are missing the yellow glow of your old bulbs there are lights that are still that color, Plus Im sure youve seen the color changing L.E.D. bulbs, which I think are quite awful to look at, unless they are in a pool, and by then its party time!

In summary L.E.D. lights are cheaper, brighter, use less energy, will last an average of 20 years and prevent less of a fire hazard than normal bulbs. The question is why havent you changed yet?